About Us

We all know that exercise is an essential part of life.
It keeps us connected with people in our community and helps
us feel better. But it is important to have the correct equipment to
help increase your efficiency and keep you safe.

Stealth Movement Socks are an essential part of your work out. It
doesn’t matter if you are doing yoga, strength training, Pilates or
even some mild stretching and light exercise around your home.
Stealth Movement Socks provide excellent grip from your toes to
your heels.

It is all to often we hear of someone having a fall on a piece of
equipment while exercising or even slipping on the stair case or
other surfaces at home. These falls and long periods of rehabilitation
can be avoided with the correct foot wear. The grip on the sole of
our socks have been designed with safety in mind.

As a former athlete, I know firsthand the importance of maintaining
your strength, flexibility and general mobility no matter what phase
of our life we are currently in. Those who are in peak athletic
condition require the extra grip to continue on their path of high
performance, while some may be recovering from injury or
maintaining health and fitness. At any stage, having a good contact
with the surface you are on is vital for your continued progression.